Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sick Again

Jude checked on Milonia yesterday and said she was very sick.  Roseny took her to the hospital in Milot today because she was in alot of pain.  They gave her IV fluids and prescribed medicine for her.  Jenn has set up an account at the hospital so Roseny can go in and not have to worry about paying.  Roseny used to wait until Milonia was on the verge of death before taking her to the hospital because she had no way to pay for it.  Now, she can take her before it becomes life threatening.  This has been made possible because of your donations.  They are now home and feeling better...just worn out I assume.  Hopefully we'll get more information soon and have a better idea of what was actually going on.
Milonia's struggles with her health seem to be never ending...please pray for perseverance, strength, and faith for both Milonia and Roseny as it takes a toll on a Mama just as much as a child when her child is in pain.

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