Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday Dr. Appointment

The following is a report from Amy Syres, a nurse in Cap Haitien who is working with Milonia.  She was fortunate to make it to Milonia's appointment last Tuesday, August 27.

 Jenn and I met up with Milonia and her mother at Milot at about 1 this afternoon. It turned out to be great timing. They were finished with the visit and had had a chance to put prices on her prescription. Just a few vitamins and supplements today. I really think the doctor is focused on getting her at a healthy weight and nutritional status before attempting insulin. They don't feel she needs it yet. I think that getting a consistent 2 blood sugar readings a day will let us know for sure whether she does or doesn't need to start. She doesn't have a rendezvous until September 25th but we will keep in touch with her to find out if she needs to go back sooner. 

The picture below is Milonia with Ms. Celestin. She is caring nurse and a compassionate woman. She takes the patients under her wing and patiently walks them through their visit. The diabetic clinic at Hôpital Sacré Coeur du Milot operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the rest of the week it services people with other chronic conditions. Ms. Celeste knows every patient and is quick to give her phone number to those who need extra support. She was happy to see Milonia today and had two things to say about her visit. 
a) Her blood sugar isn't too high. Her fasting blood sugar was within range and her the result of her Hba1c wasn't terrible.
b). The doctor's assessment of her general condition was positive. She has definitely improved since her first visit (4 weeks, 6 weeks?? ago).

More troublesome is her degree of malnutrition. Today she was prescribed only vitamins, protein powder, and iron. She didn't have to do any other laboratory analyses which, with doctors that aren't afraid to order tests, is actually a really good sign.

We had a chance to practice using the glucometer they received last week. She'll be testing twice a day, once before a meal and once a few hours after eating. She'll record these numbers and bring them to her next visit. If she runs persistently high or low she can head back to Milot with a better idea of what's going on. 

Thank you to Amy for going the "Second Mile" and being there for Milonia.  Progress is going to be slow, but I am encouraged to hear that the medical staff seems to think she improving.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Medical Update

At the end of last month Milonia had a blood test done called the Hba1c. It is a good indicator of overall blood sugar control over the life-span of your blood cells... (or 3 months). It took a few weeks to get the results as the blood sample had to be sent to Port au Prince for testing. Milonia's mom was able to pick up the results Friday and she will bring them with her when she goes to Milot for an appointment on Tuesday. The doctor will analyze the results for her then. Amy Syres, the nurse from Second Mile Ministries will be by in the afternoon to find out from the clinic staff how things are going.

Jude brought Milonia a blood glucose monitor last week and this will afford an opportunity for Amy to show Milonia and Roseny how to use it.

We'll let you know how the appointment goes.

Prayerfully, we'll see Milonia getting the correct amount of insulin, gaining weight and strong enough to start school soon.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

This image was from yesterday at 2:15 PM ET. The storm was projected to hit a bit harder in the southern part of Haiti (Port au Prince,) but on an island only 100 miles wide, likely everyone will be affected.

Please pray not only for Milonia and her family during this tropical storm, but all those in Haiti who are homeless, or live in tent, tin, or other shelter unable to protect them from the winds and rain. Milonia's family is fortunate to live in a concrete house so they should be fairly safe, the main worry would be flooding. It should be over by tonight. I haven't heard anything about how Cap Haitien was hit, likely because the power is out, but will update when I hear how everyone faired through the storm.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Email updates

If you would like regular updates on the blog, type your email address to the right where it says "Give us your email if you'd like updates." An easy way to keep up with how to pray for as well as progress being made for Milonia and her family.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Difference to One

"The Star Thrower"

This story is told based on the original work of L Eiseley's allegory called the "The Star Thrower"

A father was walking for miles along a white sand beach covered with dying starfish with his son. As he watched his son, he had stopped walking and rolled up his sleeves. Then he picked up a starfish and threw it into the ocean. He watched as his son diligently worked at scooping up starfish and throwing one by one back into the sea. After an extended time and curious, he asked, “What are you doing with the starfish?” His son replied "When the tide goes out it leaves these starfish stranded all over this beach. They will dry up and die before the tide comes back --- so I am throwing them back into the sea where they can live."
His father then asked him, "But this beach is miles long and there are thousands upon thousands of stranded starfish, most will die before you reach them. Do you really think throwing a few starfish back into the ocean is really going to make a difference?"
His son picked up a starfish and looked at his father and then at the starfish. He then drew back his arm and gave a mighty throw with the starfish landing in the waves. He turned to his father and said, "It makes a difference to that one."

No doubt you have heard this popular story before. I heard it for the first time when seeking insight from our adoption caseworker, who has worked tirelessly in Haiti for years. I was feeling overwhelmed by the inability to help the country of Haiti in any truly productive way, having spent the last 2 years searching for the answers that would put a dent in the problems that plague the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. She used this as an analogy with regard to our adoption. Our family could make a difference to one (or two.)

I've always been one who wants to make a difference in a HUGE thousands. As I've matured, I've realized that this desire was more about me than it was about God and His glory.

Milonia is just one of thousands in Haiti suffering from an deadly illness that needs continual monitoring yet is neglected because of a lack of resources as well as education.

Yes, as an individual, I am helpless to change the politics, culture, and satanic forces that plague Haiti. But I can reach out to "the least of these" individually; teach the gospel to one person; feed, clothe, give water to that one person. God can use us to make a difference to one.