Who is Milonia?

Milonia 2009

My brother, who is the campus minister for the University of Arkansas, first told me about Milonia when he took a group of students to Haiti in 2009.  While there, he met this 14 year old girl, who was suffering from Type I Diabetes, had no father, and appeared to be starving to death.

Roseny and Milonia 2010

 She was the source of my first tears shed in Haiti despite the fact that her condition had improved slightly from the year before. I first met Milonia in the Summer of 2010 when my brother returned with a team to Haiti along with Tony, my daughter Aubrey, and I.  Her mother brought her to the orphanage we had gone to help out for a couple of weeks looking for help for her daughter. Our small congregation decided to start helping her $50/month (enough to pay for food for her family.)  

Roseny, Milonia, and Nellie 2011
When we returned to Haiti in 2011, Milonia was looking much happier and healthier although she had been in the hospital twice that year fighting for her life due to complications from her Diabetes.  It became clear that if this girl was going to survive, she was going to need serious medical care (difficult to find in Haiti.)  Thus began my quest.

Jude, Roseny, Milona, me, and Nellie 2012

We just returned from Haiti in July of this year and although Milonia is looking better, she suffers daily from the symptoms not having proper medical care for Type I Diabetes. She cannot go to school because she can't walk far without feeling faint, she is constantly fatigued, nauseous, confused, and dehydrated.  If she doesn't start getting insulin into her body, her organs will shut down eventually and she will die.  Many in Haiti have said that she is lucky to have survived as long as she has.