Saturday, November 10, 2012

Flood Update

I heard from Jude and he says that Cap Haitien is in pretty bad shape right now.  When he went to Milonia's to see if they were OK, they were already gone.  I heard from Amy and she said they have gone to Madeline (a close by community) to stay with some friends.  I'm not sure if their home will even be habitable when they return.  Surely this flooding has destroyed Roseny's business and who knows what else.  Their family will be needing prayerful help as well as financial help to get back on their feet.  Please keep this in mind as you consider in your giving and prayers this month.  

This water is very contaminated to say the least.  Please pray for the health of all those in Cap as a cholera outbreak is of great concern right now.

This is close to Milonia's neighborhood.

This picture is just outside the orphanage we work with in Cap that is about a block from where  Milonia lives.

This drainage ditch is about a block from Milonia's house.

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