Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac

This image was from yesterday at 2:15 PM ET. The storm was projected to hit a bit harder in the southern part of Haiti (Port au Prince,) but on an island only 100 miles wide, likely everyone will be affected.

Please pray not only for Milonia and her family during this tropical storm, but all those in Haiti who are homeless, or live in tent, tin, or other shelter unable to protect them from the winds and rain. Milonia's family is fortunate to live in a concrete house so they should be fairly safe, the main worry would be flooding. It should be over by tonight. I haven't heard anything about how Cap Haitien was hit, likely because the power is out, but will update when I hear how everyone faired through the storm.

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  1. I just heard from Jude and he said everyone was fine.