Sunday, August 26, 2012

Medical Update

At the end of last month Milonia had a blood test done called the Hba1c. It is a good indicator of overall blood sugar control over the life-span of your blood cells... (or 3 months). It took a few weeks to get the results as the blood sample had to be sent to Port au Prince for testing. Milonia's mom was able to pick up the results Friday and she will bring them with her when she goes to Milot for an appointment on Tuesday. The doctor will analyze the results for her then. Amy Syres, the nurse from Second Mile Ministries will be by in the afternoon to find out from the clinic staff how things are going.

Jude brought Milonia a blood glucose monitor last week and this will afford an opportunity for Amy to show Milonia and Roseny how to use it.

We'll let you know how the appointment goes.

Prayerfully, we'll see Milonia getting the correct amount of insulin, gaining weight and strong enough to start school soon.

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